Hakki Pilke 43 Pro

The HakkiCut™ sawing interface allows you to saw at the touch of a button and always at the optimum speed.

The automatic hydraulic chain tensioner and the automatic chain lubrication pump, activated during sawing, ensure long chain and blade life and unprecedented sawing efficiency, time after time. The standard feed assistant feeds the wood at the user’s option during the splitting movement, so that a new cut can always be started optimally at the start of the pusher’s return movement.

The 43 Pro processor has a number of features that reduce the cost of ownership. The large oil capacity allows for longer oil change intervals and uninterrupted operation in all conditions from Alaska to Australia. Electronic, reliable control reduces the number of parts requiring maintenance to a minimum. Adjusting the amount of chain lubricatin oil is easy, so it’s not being unnecessarily and wasted. New oil is is added by changing the canister, so there is no need to pour oil from one container to another. No V-belts are used at all in the machine’s transmission, which means the machine remains as reliable and powerful year after year.


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